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The Connection between Travel and Guided Visualization

Travel Whisperers began with an idea:  it’s difficult to sleep on an airplane.  People want to arrive happy.  People want to get up in the morning having slept well, even when they are in a strange hotel room in another time zone.

Bill KennedyBill Kennedy worked as a consultant, lining up with all the other business people for the first flight out Monday morning and the last one home Friday night.  By the end of the week he was exhausted, but he still couldn’t sleep on the plane.   He studied relaxation methods and found that while he could get himself into a relaxed state quietly at home, on the airplane it was easier to listen to a guided recording.

Molly KurlandMolly Kurland has made a career of helping people to relax, with both guided visualization and massage therapy.   Having many years of study in psychology she became interested in helping people let go of stress both mentally and physically.  She began a career in bodywork but realized that so much of people’s tension is mental that she went to school to study hypnosis and various other techniques designed to quiet the mind.

It was an unlikely connection.  An accountant from Toronto and a massage therapist from California.  Yet Molly and Bill did meet, first  in an online forum and then at a hypnotherapy conference.  They talked about the value of guided visualization recordings to help with things such as insomnia, confidence and other issues.  Their connection went surprisingly deep, considering they came from such different backgrounds. Molly remembers how delighted she was to find a recording from Bill in her email shortly after they met.  Having struggled with insomnia for many years she found his recordings soothing and comforting and they easily guided her into sleep.  They began making recordings for each other to help each other sleep and have more energy and perform better at work.  They liked the fact that through repetition the recordings became more and more effective.

They enjoyed the recordings so much they decided to start a company where they could help other people as much as they were helping each other.  From his past experience, Bill knew how challenging it was to do a lot of business travel and about the need for guided visualization recordings that used simple, direct language and required no specialized training by the listener.  He wanted something that addressed the specific needs of the business traveler.

So they worked together, developing recordings first for each other, then for the friends who volunteered to test them.



Music is an important part of the Travel Whisperers experience.  It does more than just mask the airplane noises.  It is part of the experience.  Molly and Bill wanted gentle, relaxing music to soothe the listener, but it had to have enough depth to it so that it was worth listening to multiple times.

Daniel LaBrash - guitarist and master of relaxing music

Daniel LaBrash lives in the scenic Hockley Valley northwest of Toronto, Ontario where he is well known as a classical guitarist, composer, guitar teacher and luthier.  He has recorded 2 CDs ‘The Moon and Flowers’ and ‘Natures Play’ with Toronto flutist Susan Piltch.  Both CD’s have received airplay on the CBC, Canada’s national broadcaster, and other radio stations.  He currently performs and records with guitars he has made by hand. For more information please visit

What we love about Dan’s music is how happy it makes us feel!  You can hear it on Canadian Vacation, Napa Spa Getaway and Zip Lining in Hawaii.



Aaron is a free spirit and a freelance musician.  We heard of her through a friend of a friend.  She got excited about the Travel Whisperers idea and composed music specifically for us.   Her work is not available commercially, but maybe you’ll join us in encouraging Aaron to produce a full album of music to relax to.

Aaron’s work is on Unwind Your Mind, Time Zone Shift and Sleeping Away from Home.


Web Design

We wanted a web site as relaxing as our recordings.  After a lot of searching we found Rose Lowry of Beechleaf Design.  Rose is first and foremost an artistRoseLowryBeechleafDesign.  We gave her a sample recording and described what we do and voila! Robin, the watercolor drawing on our home page, was born.  Isn’t she lovely?  So much better than the stock images we had been pouring over.  Rose also designed the feather logo and the layout of this web site.   Jon DiPietro provided the technical support and eCommerce functions. Big thanks to Rob Diebold of Design Sonoma. Rob created our album cover designs and introduced us to Rose Lowry.


Listener Feedback

As Travel Whisperers moves forward, Molly and Bill are actively working with their listeners to create new recordings to address their unique situations.  If you have feedback on any of the recordings or ideas for new ones, please click on the Contact page here.