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How come there are 3 versions of each travel recording?  Which one should I get?

In our travel series we made a recording in Bill’s voice, Molly’s voice and one with both voices.  We did this for several reasons.  Firstly, some people prefer a male or female voice.  For others we have given them a variety.  If you travel a lot it’s nice to have different recordings you can draw from.  Bill and Molly have different styles and rhythms and so it’s fun to have choices.  You can buy whichever appeals to you or you can buy them all and switch around.

What if I can’t see the imagery?

We use visualization to help you go to a place in your mind where you can relax.  Some people are not very visual inwardly and they don’t respond to the images.  In that case, just let the soothing voices and music take you to that place of relaxation without concerning yourself with the mental picture.  Let the words wash over you and don’t worry about the visual suggestions.  There is no right or wrong way to listen.

How do the recordings work?

The recordings use music and guided visualization to help travelers relax when they are on a plane, sleeping in a strange bed, etc.  For a more scientific explanation, read this Explanation by Dr. Andrew Weil or An article from Science.

How do I listen to the recordings?

Earphones or ear buds are the most effective way to experience Travel Whisperer recordings.  Close your eyes and let the words wash over you.  Everyone has their own unique way of experiencing guided visualizations.  Some focus on the words.  Others let the words wash over them.  The pace and the rhythm of the voices and music can be relaxing all by themselves.

What is guided visualization?  How does it work?

Can I listen to different recordings?

You can listen to the same recording many times and get something new out of it, or you can choose a selection of the recordings you like.  You can put them into a playlist with your favorite relaxing music or put them into their own special playlist and repeat them.

How are the recordings different from one another?

Different people respond differently.  Some are looking for instructions to help them relax.  Others want to replace the dialogue of worries and concerns going on in their head.  Some people find a male voice relaxing, while others prefer a female voice.

Some people find that while listening to two voices together, they focus less on the words and more on the soothing sound of the voices, almost like a harmony.

Molly and Bill have different styles and use different imagery.  Listen to the sample recordings to see which ones work best for you.

Will the recordings help me in different situations?

Learning how to relax when and where you want to, is a skill that applies to so many of life’s situations.