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Listener Feedback

Kimberli M

Simply put: I slept. The Travel Whisperers' recordings have been a godsend for this insomniac!

Kimberli M, Associate VP of Marketing

Cynthia Mealy

I used a Travel Whisperer recording on a plane trip. I was in that state of being exhausted but not sleepy per se. The recording I used had me in a sound, restorative sleep during the flight, *and* (just like it says) I woke up gently and easily when it was time, refreshed, ready to go. Thank you Travel Whisperers!

Cynthia Mealy, Massage Therapist
Oakland, CA

E. Francik

I was on a tightly packed flight from Houston to San Francisco after a long two weeks of travel, feeling trapped in a noisy middle seat at the rear of the plane near the galley. Then I put on Bill's “Sleeping on a Plane” recording, which reassured me that I had all the room and comfort I needed. Soon, I relaxed into that spaciousness, rested, and fell asleep. Without the recording I would have had a miserable flight and no energy the next day. It was a life-saver!

E. Francik, Technical Trainer and Consultant
Pleasant Hill, CA


After hearing only a few minutes of this recording, its effect was profound. I barely made it to the end before sleep took over and, for the first time in a long time, I woke up in the same position I was in 8 hours before...great experience from beginning to end.


Marc Fine

I travel constantly for business. I find the Travel Whispers recordings to be very useful and effective, both when I'm in the air, and on the ground at my hotel."

Marc Fine, Director of Sales
Silicon Valley Medical Device Company