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What Is Guided Visualization? - Travel Whisperers

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What Is Guided Visualization?

In our recordings we use a technique called “guided visualization ” or “guided imagery.” It is a method of helping you access a place inside your mind where you can slow down, relax, take a nap, go to sleep and even adjust to a new time zone.

Just the way a good book or a movie can transport you to another world, closing your eyes and listening to the soothing words of a soft voice can remind your body how it feels as you drift off. We are taking you to a peaceful place inside yourself that is already familiar to you.

The best way to use these recordings is to listen with an open mind and just let it happen. If you never have listened to a recording like this before it may take some practice as you learn to relax. For this reason we suggest you download our free recording Unwind Your Mind and practice experiencing the relaxation response just like one might practice meditation, although this is easier because we are here to guide you.


For a more scientific explanation, follow the links below and learn more about guided visualization as a benefit to your health and well-being.

Explanation by Dr. Andrew Weil

An article from Science

From Imagery International, a professional association of guided imagery practitioners