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A Vacation or an Experience?

Wisdom from a Shy Photographer “Find a place to sit and let nature come to you,” advises Paul Teolis, a photographer with G Adventures in Toronto.  He was talking about photography in the Antarctic, but his wisdom applies everywhere, “You don’t want to miss the experience while you are looking for the shot.” Paul is quiet, almost […]

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Make Travel An Adventure

How do you turn a vacation into an adventure?  It used to be that just traveling to another country was enough.  It forced you out of your comfort zone.  You had to contend with a foreign language, a different culture, new foods and different ways of living.  Now, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find something […]

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Sleep Sabotaged by Stress

Sleep undermined by stress in the subject of a recent Globe and Mail article  by sociology professor Dr. Scott Schieman.  He points to  “cognitive intrusion” as being a major sleep disruptor.  In simple terms a cognitive intrusion is anything that disturbs your normal thought processes, in this case a blurring of the line between the […]

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Jet Lag is Real

In the Sleep, Travel, and Jet Lag article, WebMD gives some practical advice for handling jet lag and sleeping in a strange hotel room.  It’s all good: Adjust your sleeping habits Control your sleeping Fly hydrated (no, alcohol actual dehydrates you!) Avoid caffeine, etc. Guided Visualization is a technique that can support all of these […]

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Business Insomnia – Annoyances

There’s nothing wrong with you that 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep wouldn’t cure.  Business insomnia is about finding strategies to address the things that interrupt your sleep, the swirling ideas, the nagging concerns and the petty annoyances. It’s tough to sleep when you’re annoyed and there are lots of things to annoy business travelers: Cabin […]

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Sleeping Away from Home

Sleep Quality not Quantity

“Want to slim down?  Start with a better night’s sleep,” ran the headline. “No way, not with the hours I keep,” was my reaction, but Molly, my Travel Whisperers partner, said, “Read it again, Bill.  It’s talking about quality of sleep, not quantity.” Actually, it was talking about quantity of sleep, with recommendations like The […]

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New Jet Lag App

That’s right, there’s now a smartphone app that helps you adjust to changing time zones.  After all, nobody wants to yawn their way through an international meeting because they were bright eyed and bushy tailed at 3:00 am.  The app informs you when you should be in periods of darkness or light, and gradually changes […]

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Living Your Life - Bill Kennedy

Business Travel & Living Your Life

“You have to be in Chicago by 8.”  “There’s a problem with the subassembly.  You need to go.”  “They want your help during the audit.  Are your shots up to date?”  Business travel often disrupts not just your work schedule, but your personal one as well.  How do you keep your personal life going when […]

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