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This recording focuses on guided relaxation techniques to help teach you the habit of slowing down your body and your mind.

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Unwind Your Mind

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Trouble sleeping is something many of us struggle with from an early age. We fight it. We want to stay up later. We need to get that homework, that essay, or that project done on time. Sometimes, we’re too successful and we can’t sleep even when we want to.

Relaxation is a habit. It can be learned and practiced until it can be done without even thinking about it, like taking up singing. There are many techniques for learning to slow down and teaching your body and mind how to relax, and most of them revolve around using deep, slow, rhythmic breathing to signal to the body that it’s OK to relax now. In our relaxation recordings you can lie back and drift and let us guide you into that peaceful place in your inner world. In fact, that’s how Travel Whisperers started: we made relaxation recordings for each other.

With this recording you will hear both of our voices. Our other recordings offer you the choice of Molly, Bill or both, whichever works best for you. It’s fine to focus on each and every word as we go back and forth, or just settle back and let the soothing music wash over you. Whatever way you discover how to relax is the right way. With repeated listenings, you will find it easier and easier to find that restorative, inner calm, until you can relax peacefully virtually anywhere without even thinking about it.