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Jet Lag is Real

Jet lag recording In the Sleep, Travel, and Jet Lag article, WebMD gives some practical advice for handling jet lag and sleeping in a strange hotel room.  It’s all good:

  • Adjust your sleeping habits
  • Control your sleeping
  • Fly hydrated (no, alcohol actual dehydrates you!)
  • Avoid caffeine, etc.

Guided Visualization is a technique that can support all of these good suggestions and help your body acclimatize to the new conditions.  We have two recordings developed specifically for these situations:  Time Zone Shift and Sleeping Away From Home.  It’s amazing how powerful your imagination can be.  As you listen to the recordings multiple times, you will get to the point where you can sleep anywhere and any time you want.

As an introduction, start with our free recording, Unwind Your Mind.  It will give you the feel of our approach and help you develop the good habit of relaxing both mind and body, a great way to get ready to sleep.  Our recordings are simple instructions based on research, set to relaxing music.  There are no psychological terms, New Age spirituality or “secrets of the ancients”.  You have your choice of a Molly’s voice, Bill’s voice or both.  Some people find a woman’s voice more comfortable and others like a male voice.  There are free samples of each.

Travel is hard enough on people.  These recordings will help you arrive happy.

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