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Sleeping Away from Home

Sleeping Away from Home


A natural sleep aid that will help you teach your body and mind to relax, helping you feel at home and at peace wherever you are.

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Product Description

Some people can fall asleep anywhere.  They just close their eyes and soon they are blissfully dreaming.  Actually, we are all born with that ability.  Babies can fall asleep anywhere, any time.

What happened?

It’s no secret.  Your thoughts affect your body.  If your mind is churning you can find yourself sleepless at a time when you most need good sleep. If you are planning the things you need to do, your body actually gets ready to do them, triggering insomnia.  If you worry about what might happen, your restless mind prepares to fight or escape from the challenge.  What you need is a technique to quiet your mind, so that it prepares for sleep instead of action.

How do you prepare yourself for sleep?

Your mind also affects your body.  When your mind is relaxed, you will find it easier to let go of plans and worries.  This recording is a natural sleep aid that will help you teach your body and mind to relax, using simple relaxation techniques and soothing guided imagery.  As you continue to listen to the recording on a regular basis, the instructions will become a habit, so that you find it easier to fall sleep effortlessly, any time.

Sleep tight!

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