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Sleeping on a Plane

Sleeping On a Plane


Retreat into your own world, oblivious to any distractions so that you can easily fall sleep in flight and arrive refreshed.

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Product Description

Picture an airline ad.  The traveler is leaning back blissfully reading or relaxing, as everything around them is calm and efficient.  There is no sleeplessness in an airline ad, no jet lag or other annoyances.  When we talked to people who are frequent fliers, what they wanted most was to arrive at their destination recharged and ready to work or start their vacation, just like the airline ad.

That’s what we had in mind when we created Sleeping on a Plane.  We commissioned gentle music to mask the distracting sounds.  We composed relaxing, guided imagery to help you float through the annoyances and still bring your attention back when required.   You learn how to settle back and find that relaxing place again even after those inevitable interruptions during flight.

People who tested this recording found it to be a travel insomnia remedy from the first listen.  They also found that listening to the flight sleep recording several times before their flight made the experience that much more effective, so we highly recommend that. Bill calls his version “Rest In Flight.” Molly has dubbed her version “Sleepy Cabin In The Sky.”

Enjoy your flight!

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