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visiting an herbalist in bali

Trip to an Herbalist in Bali

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On vacation in Bali, you go to the home of a local herbalist who makes a special tonic freshly blended just for you.

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Immerse yourself in another world for a while and notice how good you feel when you wake up!

in Bali they have a tradition of going to herbalists which are called Dukuns. The people drink the herbal concoctions as a part of regular health maintenance. You can sometimes see them strolling down the paths with a cart carrying bottles of all sorts of different colored liquid herbal drinks.  The drinks are tonics to boost your health.

Imagine yourself riding down the street in in Bali, in a “becek”, a carriage that is being pedaled along by an attached bicycle, making your way along the winding streets, past food stalls and shops with beautiful streamers of batik clothes waving as you pass.   On your way to your destination you stop at a local food vendor for some delectable food.

This trip takes you to the herbalist’s house and she takes very good care of you, concocting a special herbal blend that is perfect for your health and well-being.

(Molly’s Voice)

1 review for Trip to an Herbalist in Bali

  1. Wendy
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I thoroughly enjoy the guided visualizations of the mini vacation to Bali. and enjoy the descriptions of the senses; visual, smell, taste and feel…Each time I listen, it’s a fresh and new experience, being mindful and in the moment, inspired by Molly’s clear and gentle voice.

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