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Travel Stories: Staying Relaxed

Travel Stories: Staying RelaxedAn early experience – The flight was from Istanbul to London on a local airline.  We sat in the departure lounge watching all of the other international flights leave on time, except ours.  We could see our luggage, neatly arranged out on the tarmac, ready to go.  It would have been fine, except that it was raining.  As the minutes crawled by with nobody prepared to tell us what was wrong or how long we would be delayed, frustration mounted.  Would I make my international connection in London?

Minutes turned into hours before we were allowed to identify our soggy luggage and board the aircraft.  After we took off, a flight attendant came along with a lovely smile and a tray of the delicious traditional Visne (cherry juice).  It was a very relaxing moment, until the child seated beside the woman on my left tried to climb into her lap, knocking her elbow and spilling her juice on my shirt.

When I finally got to London, all but one of the British Airways staff had gone home for the night.  My flight had long gone.  But the woman set me up with a voucher for an airport hotel and the following day I was on my way.  I went up to my room, changed my shirt and had a nice cup of tea.

I wish I had known then what I know now.  You have to pack all your patience in your carryon luggage so that it’s there when you need it.  You can do all the planning you like, but once you’re in the airport it’s out of your hands.

Now, when I’m in tense situations, I know to pay attention to my breathing.  I focus on long steady breaths.  I visualize a positive outcome and plan for what might happen.  If you have not experienced what a difference your breathing can make to the way you feel, go ahead and download our free, full length recording, Unwind Your Mind.  It has a set of simple instructions that will help you in all kinds of ways.

Showing my frustration has never helped the situation for me, but being polite and firm works.  Oddly enough, the reputation of my profession has also been a big help to me.  When a young soldier carrying a submachine gun stopped my cab on the way to the airport and asked me my business, I smiled and told him calmly that I was an accountant.   That satisfied him and we were able to continue.

Image courtesy of Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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